Anti-Blue Light Glasses and the Top 3 Reasons we should be wearing them during COVID-19 lockdowns, and work from home orders.

In January 2020, the ongoing worldwide pandemic COVID-19 hit Australian shores with an identified confirmed case on the 25th January 2020 in the state of Victoria, from a man returning from Wuhan, China. This sparked a chain reaction, causing all Australian borders to be closed later in March. All states went into an effective lockdown, meaning everyone was to remain at home and were only permitted to leave their houses under 4 strict conditions. This effectively meant everyone was to work from home and children were to be homeschooled, primarily using video calling services such as Zoom and Skype to reduce the chances of public transmission of the virus. Meaning more and more people were spending 11 or more hours a day in front of screens, exposing themselves to large amounts of harmful blue light. Anti-blue light glasses to the rescue! 

Should I wear Blue Light Blocking Glasses if I am working from home?

Yes, anytime you are working, and you are utilising a desktop monitor, laptop or computer you should be wearing your anti-blue light blocking glasses. 

Most employees working from home spend between eight to eleven hours a day looking at a blue light-emitting computer screen. That is a lot of time for your little peepers to be vulnerable to harmful blue light. Overexposure to harmful blue light can lead to some potentially uncomfortable long-term side effects, including poor sleep, dry eyes and migraines. Wearing Blue Light Blocking Glasses can reduce eye strain, headaches and promote better sleep, try the popular Williamsburg’s by Winston Bentley Eyewear.  

Are Anti Blue Light Readers and learning from home.

Little eyes are the most vulnerable, and children may be at higher risk for blue light retinal damage than adults. Learning from home increases screen time for your child, also increasing their exposure to Blue Light. The young lens in children’s eyes absorbs less short-wavelength light than an adult lens, allowing more harmful blue light to reach a child's retina. Blue light exposure to the retina increases the risk of muscular degeneration. Wearing blue light blockers can reduce the amount of blue light reaching a child’s retina, and also help them get better sleep. Winston Bentley offers a Kids Range of Anti Blue Light Glasses perfect for all ages.

Should gamers wear Blue Light Blocking Glasses?

Anti-Blue Light Glasses are also known in the gaming world as Gaming glasses. All gaming devices emit harmful blue light rays, from the PlayStation, Xbox to the Nintendo Switch. It’s important to shield your eyes with blue light blocking glasses and enjoy your gaming with vision clarity, ultimate focus and protection. If you are experiencing eye strain after playing games on PC, TV, mobile or tablet, we recommend the Winston Bentley Rhythm anti-blue light readers.