Anti-Blue Light Readers and Blue Light Blockers, who needs to be wearing them and why.

More and more each day we are reaching for our screens, we are surrounded by them, we use them for work, education and entertainment. It’s a lifestyle, we carry smartphones in our pocket, purses and handbags, they are on our laps and everywhere in between. Over the last 50 years, scientists have researched the impact of heavy Blue Light Exposure, and the most recent evidence shows, that extreme exposure to blue light may cause damage to your eyes.

What is blue light and is why is blue light bad?

Blue light is one of the spectrums of colours and the artificial blue light comes from lights like LED lights, and all our digital devices with a screen. Many of us are experiencing an increased amount of time exposed to Blue Light from our digital devices.

It seems as though everyone is talking about the trending anti-blue light filters and blocking glasses used to reduce the harmful impact it has on our eyes. Here are the top 3 categories of people who wear Anti Blue Light Glasses, which category are you in?

Anti-Blue Light Glasses for Gaming and Gamers.

Are blue light glasses good for gaming? In short, yes! If you find yourself gaming for extended periods of time, and struggling to wind down, and get some quality sleep, anti-blue light glasses may help. By protecting your eyes and reducing eyestrain with blue light glasses, you have the ability to perform beyond. You can practice safe specs during gaming sessions and look extremely stylish with the popular unisex Rhythm.

Students wearing anti-blue light glasses.

Studying? For most of us, that means research, reading and essays! More recently this also includes Zoom meeting, video chat classes and online forums. This is hours on end in front of your desktop or laptop, and that means hours of exposure to harmful blue light whilst trying to complete assignments. Reduce those headaches and that eyestrain on studying eyes with the Winston Bentley Kid’s Range of anti-blue light readers. Start good habits young.

Working and wearing anti-blue light glasses.

For many it is not uncommon to spend 8 to 10 hours in the office in front of a screen, whether you work in a call centre, customer relations, design, media, entertainment and sales. Screens are a compulsory tool to achieve the results you’re after. Wearing Blue Light Readers could make you more productive and efficient, with more rest and relaxation. Perfect for every occasion are the Williamsburg, lightweight, stylish and sleek.

Even if you are not in one of these categories, a 2018 market-research study estimated that on average adults spend 11 hours a day in front of screens, up from the 9 hours and 32 minutes in 2014.