Blue light blocking glasses, why everyone is wearing them

There's a lot of conflicting evidence on the internet today about the trending Anti Blue Light Glasses, and about exactly how harmful Blue Light is to us. Many of us have chosen to play it safe and for the most part, take the leap into purchasing a pair of Anti Blue Light Glasses and are really taken aback by the results.

My friend Sophie wore a pair of Blue Light Blocking Glasses to work the other day, she was chirpy, well-rested and looked stunning. It's like she is a new person, full of bounce and liveliness, generally speaking, she's grumpy and groggy when she comes into the office.

We are surrounded by digital screens, they are everywhere we go, from our smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, television and even our smartwatches, digital screens are life.

Many of us can’t avoid having to use computers, tablets and phones in our everyday life, especially now with many people working from home during COVID-19.

Enter Anti Blue Light Eyewear trend.

Today we discuss, why everyone is jumping on the bandwagon with the Blue Light readers, here are the top 5 reasons people are making them their new best friend.

Anti-Blue Light Glasses reduce eye strain.

All digital screens emit the now ever feared blue light, which can have detrimental consequences on your eyeballs, including tension, dry or watery red irritated eyes. Eye fatigue can cause blurring and headaches, occasionally it can also cause double vision.

Wearing Anti Blue Light eyewear can reduce the blue light emitted to your peepers on average by 40% - 85% depending on the lenses grade. This means less strain, less tension and fewer headaches.

Anti-Blue Light Glasses make you aware of the amount of screen time you have.

Let’s face it, most of the time we don’t notice obvious things around us until they are pointed out or highlighted to us. Screen time is one of those things unless you are a child being monitored by an adult – you may not be conscious of just how much time a day you spend in front of a digital device. Wearing the Anti Blue Light Readers makes you aware and can even encourage you time to reduce your screen time and cut back where you can.

Anti-Blue Light Glasses are fashionable.

Yes, you can make them your next fashion item. The Blue Light Readers come in every shape and style you can imagine. Ladies are loving them, and they are very popular amongst the female demographic, check out the most common styles for women here. The Winston Bentley Monroe Blue Light reads are a quick sell-out; ladies are loving the cat-eye shaped eyewear.

Anti-Blue Light Glasses help get better sleep.

Who doesn’t crave more sleep? Screen time before bedtime tends to leave many people feeling groggy in the morning, yes groggy! Smartphones, computers and TVs emit blue light. And exposure to that bluish light, Blue Light during the two hours before bed can keep us from getting a well-deserved good night's rest, a recent study finds. The unisex Winston Bentley Charles is perfect for unavoidable pre-bedtime screen time.

Blue light blocking glasses can benefit everyone.

In conclusion, the Anti Blue Light eyewear can benefit everyone, from the smallest family members using screens, Winston Bentley Kids, to your Grandmother and Grandfather, the Anti Blue Light readers will have you feeling better, feeling more aware, and well-rested. They are an inexpensive safeguard for your eyes, we only get the one pair so it’s a great investment to take care of them the best we can.