From Stripping to Shipping.

From Stripping to Shipping: How Sunglasses Saved the Livelihoods of Australia’s Leading Male Entertainers.

Two of Australia’s most popular strippers have found a way to supplement their income with the launch of a new eyewear brand during Covid-19, paving the way for other male entertainers to keep their clothes on.

Like many performers within the entertainment industry, Mark ‘Diesel’ Tucker and Matthew ‘Matty Thunder’ Hodder were left jobless earlier this year due to the prevention of physical contact with anyone outside immediate households. Stripping had essentially become illegal for the time being and despite the creation of online Male Revue shows, Mark and Matthew weren’t receiving enough income to survive.

“I had rent, loans and general living expenses to pay like everyone else, and I knew I needed to find something to get me through,” Mark said.

“I love sharing my daily life with the ladies who come to see us each weekend, so Matty and I thought it would be great to be able to offer something to our current fanbase that was a step away from stripping, but also represented who we were as people.”

Winston Bentley Eyewear features a range of glasses for men and women, including sunglasses, blue light glasses and themed festival glasses.

“Many of the glasses are subtly named after the boys at the agency, and the women who we were used to seeing every weekend have been so happy to support our new venture and purchase a pair of glasses that represents their favourite performer,” Matty said.

“Winston Bentley has helped keep me afloat during these really uncertain times and allowed me to keep my clothes on for the moment too!”

Mark is especially proud of Winston Bentley’s Kids’ Blue Light glasses range, helping protect children’s eyes with their continuous increase in exposure to screens. “I know my eyes get sore after a while without Blue Light glasses. I can’t imagine what it would be like as a kid,” Mark said.

Like many Australian’s, the two performers saw the appeal of an ecommerce website, and since Winston Bentley’s launch, they’ve been able to support themselves and help other male entertainers create their own brands.

“When some of the other guys saw what we were doing and the success we were having, they began to ask us how they too could earn big without needing to take off their pants,” Mark said.

“We’ve had days where we’ve earnt up to $1000 which has been inspiring to the other guys.

“It’s been great for all of us, and it’ll be a bit weird when the clubs start to open again.”

Winston Bentley Eyewear is currently offering $10 OFF your entire order with the code: STAYSHADY