How to buy polarised and anti-blue light glasses online during a global pandemic and how to buy them cheaper.

From geek to chic, eyewear has become a big fashion statement, whether your glasses are prescription or not glasses have come a very long way from big, circular lenses to countless stylish, technology-inspired modern designs.

If you want to buy fashion non-prescription glasses online but don’t know where to start, we can help. In our world today we are facing many newly unexpected challenges with the global pandemic that is COVID-19. The pandemic has impacted every single household in some way, more so for those that have been placed in lockdown, meaning you cannot leave your house for ‘non-essential’ reasons. So how do you buy your glasses online? 

How to buy glasses online in a COVID safe way?

Want to buy those fashion statement polarised glasses, or maybe it’s a pair of anti-blue light glasses, but don’t want to risk making contact with people that may be carrying the dreaded virus? Sure, you can just jump online and pick your glasses at random, and hope they suit your face shape and style when they arrive, or you can try your glasses on virtually with Winston Bentley Eyewear’s virtual try-on tool and purchase the perfect pair every time.

How to try on polarised fashion glasses and blue light blocking glasses with a virtual online tool.

Trying on glasses virtually is as easy as taking a selfie and can be a lot of fun! You can access the virtual tool from anywhere using your smartphone, tablet or desktop. Here is how you try on your glasses virtually:

  • Go to
  • Find the eyewear you would like to try on.
  • Select virtual Mirror and allow access to your camera. That’s it you’re trying on your glasses from the comfort of wherever you are! (Feel free to take a screenshot and tag us on our Instagram page @winstonbentleyeyewear for a feature.
  • Add your favourites to cart, check out and then wait for your new shades to arrive.

Hint: we recommend removing any existing eyewear from your face when using the virtual tool to experience the best virtual fit.

How to buy cheaper glasses online using 3 sneaky tricks.

Buying new glasses is exciting but buying your new glasses for cheaper is even more exciting and rewarding, who doesn’t love a little extra bang for your buck? We certainly do, here are 3 hacks you can use to get your eyewear cheaper. 

  1. Subscribe, jump the queue and become a VIP for cheaper glasses – Subscribing to Winston Bentley Eyewear, ensures you are the first to know when it comes to hot offers and promotions. In some cases, exclusive VIP SALE’s which can offer up to 60% off normal RRP.
  2. Get cheaper glasses online by supporting small business with a google or Facebook review or recommendation - In many cases by simply giving a positive review with your experience can result in a “Thank You” discount code, this can be either a percentage off your next purchase or a gift card to a dollar value - Discount Code: CHILLWINSTON
  3. Buy cheaper glasses online by following on social media – Following businesses on social media through platforms such as:

Can expose you to Flash Social Sales! These are often limited by time and can last up to 48 hours.