How to care for your Anti Blue Light Glasses using these handy Top 10 Tips

We all love our glasses, whether they are worn for prescription purposes, anti-blue light protection, for safety measures or for fashion, we love wearing them loudly and proudly. What we do not love is trying to see through them when they are dirty, and yes, it is clearly a very common problem. Today we explore the top 10 tips and focus on the best ways to keep clean and protect our investment.

1. Always clean your Anti Blue Light Lenses regularly.

Cleaning your Anti Blue Light Readers regularly will ensure the longevity and clarity of your CR39 lenses. We recommend cleaning them daily before wearing them for ultimate clarity.

a. How to clean cloudy Blue Light Glasses.

i. In a draft-free, dust-free environment, apply your favourite eyeglass cleaner as directed on the applicator.
ii. Wipe off moisture with a microfiber eyewear cloth, generally included with the purchase of your eyewear.
iii. Let your glasses air dry for approximately 60 seconds

b. If you do not have eyeglass cleaner, you can use warm water with a drop of detergent apply to the lenses with a microfiber cloth, massage and then let air dry.

2. Always store your Anti-Blue Light Readers in the case they came in when not in use.

That pretty case you received with your glasses, is not just a pretty case. It’s designed to assist with keeping your special glasses safe and dust-free when not in use.

3. Always face your Anti-Blue Light Glasses upward when laying them on any surface.

It’s a big No-No in the eyewear world to place your glasses on a surface face down. Placing them downward in most cases will result in irreversible lenses damage and scratches.

4. Always use both of your hands to put your glasses on and off.

Yes, using both hands placed on the arms of your glasses to put them on and remove them is the best method when it comes to protecting the lenses and the general structure of the glasses. Using just one hand and pulling them off may expand and disport the frames, along with stretching the arms.

5. Keep Anti Blue Light glasses off the top of your head.

Although many of us love wearing glasses on our head, weather as a fashion statement or for convenience it is detrimental to the structure and frames of your eyewear. Wearing them on our heads and not our noses can misalign the arm placement and the placement of the lenses. Additionally, the natural oils and hair products on our heads and any other headwear may damage, scratch or stain the lenses

6. Wiping eyewear lenses only when wet.

We must never wipe our precious lenses when they are dry. Wiping dry lenses can cause any debris and dust on the surface of the lenses and within the cleaning cloth to scratch the surface of the lenses.

7. Never wipe your Anti Blue Light glasses with fibrous materials.

Don’t wipe your lenses with a rough surface or fibrous materials such as a paper towel or tissue. They may scratch and will leave residue on the lenses.

8. Never clean your Anti Blue Light glasses with these liquids.

These liquids can damage your lenses and their special coating or anti-reflective layer. They can also dry the lenses causing them to become brittle and crack easily. Liquids to avoid:
a. Ammonia
b. Bleach
c. Vinegar
d. Window Cleaner
e. Saliva

9. Never leave your Anti Blue Light Glasses in a hot car.

Leaving your glasses in your car on a hot day will damage your glasses, as the windscreen acts as a magnifying glass and warps the frames, causing the lenses to displace.

10. Avoid putting your Anti Blue Light Glasses in your Pocket.

Putting your glasses in your pocket, bag or even purse will damage the lenses by scratching them. If space is confined, it will also warp the frames, and can cause the lenses to dislodge.