How to stop your blue light glasses & sunglasses fogging up when wearing a mask during the COVID19 pandemic.

You’re being a good citizen and complying with all the newly introduced COVID19 laws, including one of the most recent ones issued in Victoria, Australia declaring – Every person living in the state of Victoria must wear a face covering when they leave home.

We’re all for safety, but when it comes to wearing a protective face mask and your protective eyewear, things can get a little foggy and having to tolerate your glasses fogging up seemed like a necessary annoyance … up until now. 

Most people have been putting up with the frustration of foggy specs since the beginning of the COVID19 pandemic. Wearing a protective face mask directs your warm breath upward instead of in front of you, resulting in very foggy and moist glasses.

How to defog you anti-blue light glasses and sunglasses in 4 simple steps.

The best thing about this hack is it only just takes a few minutes!

Step 1. Start with washing your hands.

In case you missed the memo, washing and sanitising your hands is super important. Especially now during these trying pandemic times.  So just in case, you haven’t practised enough over the last several months, let’s do it again and get ready. Simply scrub your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water before rinsing thoroughly and pat dry.

Step 2. Are your Blue Light Glasses and Sunglasses ready? Let’s lather up your lenses.

Using your soap and water that you have handy, gently wet your glasses and rub a little soap on the wet lenses using the touch of your finger or a super soft microfiber cloth. Be very gentle and thorough, but careful not to scratch your lenses.

Step 3. Rinsing your eyewear.

Wash all your soap off your lenses thoroughly, ensuring no soapy suds are left behind on the lenses.

Step 4. Dry your eyewear.

Gently dry your glasses with a clean microfiber cloth, specialist glasses cloth or lens cloth (avoiding any material that may scratch or damage your delicate lenses).

And presto! The soap and water will now act as a protective coat or film, clinging to your lenses and reducing surface tension, keeping them very clear and condensation-free.

You’re welcome.