Learn more about blue light blocking / anti blue light glasses.

Many of us have chosen to play it safe for the most part when it comes to exposure harmful blue light emitted from digital screens and artificial light, many of us own our very own pair of blue light blocking / anti-blue light glasses. You may find a lot of potentially conflicting information on the internet today when it comes to the trending Blue Light Blocking Glasses, and about exactly how harmful blue light can be to our eyes.

Everywhere we go we are surrounded by digital screens and artificial light. In our pockets, with smartphones, on our wrists with smartwatches, laptops, computers, televisions, tablets and artificial lighting. For many of us, contact with these devices is completely unavoidable in our everyday life, from work to study and entertainment. With the 2020 global pandemic, COVID-19 we are relying on these devices more than ever to stay connected and in touch with our nearest and dearest.

What are the top 7 benefits and fun facts of wearing anti-blue light glasses?

The benefits of blue light blocking glasses can vary on each individual. In each case, we use different blue light-emitting devices, for different durations of time at different ages in our life. For those who are exposed to blue light on the average 9 – 11 hours per day, you will find you may experience more obvious benefits compared to someone who uses a smart device for just 1 hour a day.

  1. Wearing blue light blocking glasses can increase the quality of sleep for all ages. Blue light is renowned for disrupting circadian rhythms and sleep.
  2. Wearing anti-blue light glasses can restore your melatonin levels, blue light aggressively inhibits the production of this sleep essential hormone.
  3. Blue light blocking glasses don’t darken your vision. The CR39 crystal lens in Winston Bentley Eyewear’s glasses will absorb blue light and allow fewer alerting wavelengths to pass through.
  4. Blue light blocking glasses can benefit everyone, of all ages. The non-prescribed CR39 crystal blue light lens is suited for children, teens, adults and the elderly. We each experience our own challenges when it comes to exposure to blue light, from gaming for 10 hours, working in front of a screen for 12, watching Netflix, we’re all exposed to one common risk, exposure to blue light.
  5. Blue light stimulates the stress hormone Cortisol, wearing blue light blockers will reduce the production of this stress alerting hormone within your body.
  6. Wearing intelligent anti-blue light glasses can relieve tired eyes and eye discomfort, reducing eye strain and keeping you more focused.
  7. Wearing Winston Bentley’s anti-blue light glasses now can reduce the likelihood of age related Macular Degeneration (AMD) which is the leading cause of blindness.