Learn more about gaming glasses.

In this generation, the world has embraced the internet, gaming and social media. Everywhere we look, we see a screen. From your wrist-wearing smartwatch, your smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop to televisions, screens surround us. With this whirlwind of technology, many of us are on average spending 9 to 11 hours a day in front of a screen.

Many of us spend a big part of that time gaming. Yes, you hear right, from hardcore gaming on specialty consoles such as Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo, to the occasional gamer using apps on your smart device. No matter what device you’re planning your game of choice on, the screens produce harsh blue light that forces your eyes to work harder to focus on objects on the screen.

Gaming glasses and blue light blocking glasses serve a similar purpose. Gaming glasses have built-in specialty lenses to minimise the amount of blue light that enters the eyes during gaming sessions. This enables the player to play with full attention and maintain optimal focus by minimising strain and dryness in eyes. 

To help you keep up with fast-paced games, reduce glare and enhance the definition in all the games you love to play here are our top picks!

Winston Bentley Eyewear Lux Gaming Glasses

The designer Lux gaming glasses are both very functional and fun in design, with bold statement arm colours in black and pink or black and ninja turtle they are sure to stand out, whilst helping you stay focused. The lenses are framed in a black round shape, perfect for all face types, they spring-hinged for comfort. The Lux is also photochromic, morphing glasses. Meaning when exposed to direct sunlight the glasses chemically morph their lenses into tinted polarised sunglasses making them perfect for all-day wear! The Lux glasses are also gender-neutral, so anybody can wear them.

Winston Bentley Eyewear Steel Gaming Glasses

The strong stainless-steel top shield frames on the Winston Bentley Steel gaming glasses is what many people love about them. They are minimalistic in appearance, yet magical in function. The surrounding is built with a custom TR90 nylon, making it extra durable and strong and the crystal-clear lenses provide you with extreme clarity. Again, the Steels are also photochromic morphing and can change from gaming glasses indoors to polarised sunglasses outdoors. Complete transition times in direct sunlight is just 13 seconds!

Winston Bentley Eyewear Harry Gaming Glasses

Harry is a spectacular camo like designer frame, perfectly matched for all those army games. Available in safari and purple haze you are almost sure to forget you are wearing them! Harry’s feature spring-hinged arms, making it super comfortable for long gaming wear. The TR90 nylon frames make them durable and bend resistant whilst the CR30 crystal lenses provide you with ultimate clarity and allow you to perform at you very best with absolute clarity. 

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