Learn more about glasses accessories.

Prescription glasses, Anti Blue Light glasses, Sunglasses and Safety glasses are just some of the eyewear varieties you may own. Whether it may be one pair or several pairs of glasses there are some glasses accessories on the market you may have heard of or already own. Today we explore some of the most common accessories paired with your favourite pieces eyewear. Let’s get started with some of the most common eyewear accessories: 

  • Sunglasses Sleeve
  • Hard-shell Glasses Case
  • Collapsible Glasses Case
  • Fashion Glasses Chain
  • Glasses Cleaning Kit
  • Glasses Cleaning Cloth
  • Glasses Repair Kit 

These are just some of the most common accessories people generally have paired with their favourite of glasses.

What are Sunglasses Chains? Aka neck Chains.

The sunglasses chain trend is one that is constantly making a comeback. Starting post war in the 1950s the invention was commonly warm by well-groomed working women. Later in the 1980s the sunglasses chain made its first comeback with a unique shoelace and chain design, commonly worn in both Spain and Austria. Fast forward to today, sunglasses chains can be found commonly in most eyewear outlets. Many fashion labels offer a variety of sunglasses chains made form an assortment material and in various styles.  

Sunglasses chains serve two main purposes: firstly, is to look great and highlight the wearers eyewear and facial features, and secondly for safety. Sunglasses chains present you from losing or misplacing your eyewear by allowing them to hang freely around one’s neck. Most sunglass chains are approximately 70 – 80 centimetres in length with the end caps worn at the base of the arms.

Winston Bentley Eyewear Aztec Neck Chain – You can make a statement with this bold Aztec Neck Chain for sunglasses. Beautifully hand crafted in black and white beads with gold detail make it the perfect trendy accessory sunglasses chain.

Winston Bentley Eyewear Silver Crystal Neck Chain - Accessorise your favourite Winston Bentley glasses with this super stunning Silver Crystal Neck Chain. This 70 cm long chain in shiny silver with crystal bead detail keeps your glasses safe and secure. This stylish chain can be worn with your glasses on your face or off.

What is a Fashion Collapsible Sunglasses Case? 

A fashion collapsible case is a case designed to store eyewear safely. When the eyewear is removed from the case it can then collapse down into a very small compact, making it easy to fit in your bag, glovebox or store safely in your pocket. The Winston Bentley fashion collapsible case is available in Black, Hot Pink and Tan and extremely convenient for on the go!

What is a Hard-Shell Sunglasses Case?

As the title suggests, a hard-shell case is a durable hard sunglasses case designed for extreme protection. For example, when packed in luggage when travelling or in the car’s glove box when it is a tight squeeze. The hard-shell case is lined with a soft interior preventing and dust and scratches from impacting your eyewear. Winston Bentley Eyewear offers hard shell cases in black.