What are Eyewear Frames and Lenses made of? Nylon, Crystal and the unexpected.

We are spoilt by choice as a consumer, no matter what your little heart desires to buy you will find a numerous amount of variations available at the tip of your fingers.

On the market today you can find thousands of different combinations when it comes to eyewear. Lenses alone offer anything from prescription, anti-blue light, polarised and transition lenses, and then you have the frames that can be made from stainless steel, acetate, wood and Nylon! Not to mention the frame style. A little overwhelming isn’t it. 

Today we are going to explore a little in-depth the materials are used to make Winston Bentley Eyewear’s desirable collection.

How to choose the right Glasses Frame Material. What are my glasses made from?

What are my glasses made from, the frames?

Today's fashionable eyewear frames are made from various types of plastics and metals. Some of Winston Bentley’s super stylish frames combine a mixture of materials to create the desired look, the Reginald for example, a frame with a plastic shield surrounding the top of lenses and temple pieces made from stainless steel. All the materials used in the manufacturing of your eyewear serves a specific purpose and offers a valuable quality.

Acetate Frames on Glasses.

Acetate is a nylon-based plastic, meaning that it is stronger, durable, and more flexible than regular plastic which explains why it's super useful for glasses frames. It is resistant to high pressure placed upon the frames and can bend further before reaching breaking point. Some of Winston Bentley Acetate Frames include the Binary & Monroe Styles.

Stainless Steel Frames on Glasses.

Stainless steel is a more affordable alternative to titanium, stainless steel is shiny, strong, lightweight, and won't easily rust or corrode. For these reasons, Winston Bentley Eyewear developed the INGOT Collection of designer glasses with their sleek stainless-steel frames. Stainless steel glasses are much more resilient than plastic frames. 

Nylon TR90 Frames on Glasses.

TR90 Nylon is exactly what you are looking for if you desire flexibility, comfort and durability in your glasses frame. (Perfect for kids and those accidental drops!) TR90 is a new innovation in the eyewear by Swiss Technology by using thermoplastic material in a frame; these particular eyeglasses because of their flexibility quality offer extreme comfort. They can easily bend accordingly to your face texture and is resilient for ground impacts, making them perfect for tradespeople, children and for those who have butter fingers and drop things more than they would like to. Winston Bentley Eyewear offers a range in TR90 from the Alexa to the Thunders.

What are my glasses made from, the lenses? 

CR39 Lenses in Glasses.

Winston Bentley’s CR-39 lenses offer twice the optical clarity of other plastic lens materials, zero distortion and are scratch-resistant. CR-39 is super lightweight and impact resistant making them suitable for outdoor activities, and long-term wear in the blue lights where every gram count.

If you drill them, CR-39 has particular issues with cracking. Even with a drill or a hammer, if you do manage to break the lens it does not shatter the way glass does. The CR-39 lens will withstand the highest impacts you are likely to experience.

Polarised TAC in Glasses.

Polarised TAC (Tri-Acetate Cellulose) lenses feature a new up to date technology formulated for superior visual and optimal polarisation clarity. The scratch-resistant coating can block 100% harmful UV rays up to 400 nanometres. These Polarised TAC lenses are very lightweight and highly impact resistant.