What are photochromic glasses and what makes them special?

Have ever wished you could have glasses that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, without having to carry 2 pairs of glasses around? Well, wish no more! Introducing the new Winston Bentley Photochromic Lenses. These specialty lenses are nothing short of magic.

Photochromic glasses have the ability to transition from clear lenses to dark polarised sunglasses in just a matter of seconds. Yes, just like a chameleon can change to blend in with its surroundings, Winston Bentley’s photochromic lenses adapt their tint to natural light exposure. 

How do transition and photochromic lenses work? 

The photochromic lenses in transition glasses, darken when molecules are activated by the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. Photochromic lenses will darken even on a cloudy day as the sun’s UV rays can penetrate clouds. Typically, the photochromic lenses will not darken when inside a vehicle as modern windscreen material is designed to block most UV rays. 

How can photochromic lenses benefit me?

Besides the photochromic lenses protecting your eyes from glare outdoors, the very magical photochromic lenses also offer an additional important benefit — they filter blue light. As may now know, blue light contributes to digital eye strain and oxidative stress in the retina. It's even possible that long-term exposure to blue light from sunlight may increase certain people's risk of macular degeneration later in life.

How do I know if my glasses are photochromic?

When your lenses come into contact with UV light from the sun, if your lenses are photochromic the molecules will activate on average between 10 – 30 seconds depending on the strength of UV causing the lenses to tint to a darker shade. To test if your lenses are photochromic simply go outdoors with one of the lenses covered for 30 seconds, remove your hand and then see if the lenses are different in shade. Photochromic lenses generally have a dramatic change in appearance when exposed. 

How long does photochromic last for?

Photochromic lenses generally last the lifetime of your eyewear, this is on average is a total of 2.5 years, yes that’s 913 days!

What are the 3 popular styles of photochromic glasses? 

Photochromic glasses are not limited in frame styles and sizes if anything they are as on-trend as all your favourite eyewear styles. Here are our 3 favourite styles of Photochromic glasses by Winston Bentley Eyewear.

Winston Bentley Eyewear STEEL - Strongly built with both stainless steel and TR90 Nylon, the photochromic Steels are a favourite with their ever-fashionable square frames.

Winston Bentley Eyewear ORLANDO Stand out from the crowd with the very stylish geometric, slim, stainless-steel frames. Keeping your eye protected no matter where you are. Clarity and protection is a priority in the swiss designed photochromic Orlando.

Winston Bentley Eyewear RALPH Hello Ralph, these sophisticated photochromic metal shield frames in the stunning oak colour are every fashionista's must-have. From day time to night time, these all-day wear glasses are spring-hinged for the perfect fit.