What are the 3 most popular types of eyewear for women?

Women love eyewear and boy do they pair well together! It doesn’t matter the kind of eyewear, or the reason behind them wearing them. It could be for corrective vision, to feel smart or just to look damn sexy.


Women are always on the look-out for their next set of eyewear frames to dazzle and add to their wardrobes. Today there are so many styles and frames to select from and readily available, so we can get overwhelmed quite easily when it comes to making the next selection. Luckily, there are new tools available to virtually try on eyewear!

Cat-Eye Eyewear

Cat Eye eyewear is one of the most long-time favoured styles for women's glasses. Cat Style Eyewear is and will be without fail a powerful symbol of femininity. Worn by iconic women like Marilyn Monroe, Cat Style Eyewear is a must in every women’s eyeglasses list. This specific style is a fantastic statement piece, so minimal accessories are needed when wearing them. They are most popular in a clear or black frame. Diamond faces work best with this style, usually, diamond faces have a narrower forehead & chin, and work perfectly together with the cat-like style eyewear. Cat-eye eyewear is the style of glasses that exude youth and help make you look younger. These eyeglasses frames are timeless, sophisticated, and a fashion statement piece - you can never go wrong with them. Try the Winston Bentley Monroe Blue Light readers, perfect for everyday wear.

Round Eyewear

Round eyeglasses are currently among the most sought-after trends in women’s eyewear fashion. They are suitable for all situations - from an extravagant party or festival to a day at the office. The round glasses profile often comes made in high-quality metal frames, usually Black, Gunmetal or Gold in colour.
We recommend females with square-shaped faces try the round or oval glasses because it will soften their features. The roundness of the frame will come in compliment very well with the angular features guaranteeing you a beautiful result. The Winston Bentley Magnum eyewear is a popular option for many women.

Geek / Hipster Eyewear

We’ve all wanted to look like the sexy seductive sectary at some point in time. Geek or Hipster eyewear frames, though a fairly new style, have become a symbol of wearing trendy frames without prescription lenses. Often called nerd glasses, they tend to make you look extra cute, sexy, and nerdy. These stylish glasses can obviously be used for blue light protection, reading or distance, but foremost, they are a sought-after fashion accessory. The slightly over-sized frames, that so often come in black or clear, are all you need for your wardrobe and to help you imitate the geek chic look. Generally speaking, hipster glasses are most of the time round, square or rectangular in shape to contrast with your face shape. Unique and new, are the Winston Bentley Royale Collection, offering a series of blue light readers, perfect for those seeking the latest chic hipster look.