Why do people wear glasses?

Originally designed to help those with difficulty seeing things clearly back in 1290’s, glasses were a perfect solution to correct poor vision. Assisting in preventing eyestrain and reducing migraines caused from vision problems. Fast forward to now, eyewear is a huge part of everyday life, fashion and culture. Gone are the days where you had to visit an optometrist to get a pair of glasses, now you can simply buy them online with a few simple button clicks. Let’s look at the top 5 reasons people wear glasses; some of which you may already know.

1.Glasses provide privacy.

For as long as we can remember, eyewear has been used by many big celebrities to provide anonymity from over enthusiastic fans when they are out in public. But this doesn’t always work the way they’d hoped, as mega fans can till easily recognise them even with their glasses on.

To add extra confusion, it’s now expected that celebrities wear eyewear when they are out in public, causing fakes to pretend they are celebrities. Mind blown!

But it obviously worked for Superman, no one recognised him in his regular blacked eyewear. Want to try a disguise like Superman? Winston Bentley’s Binary in Black will be sure to do the trick.

2.Glasses provide protection and safety.

From tradies to beauticians, to firefighters and lifeguard’s protective eyewear is a very big part of their lives, primarily as PPE. Today, almost everyone wears eyewear to protect their eyes from harmful rays from the sun. These are known as Sunglasses.

Sunglasses now come with polarised lenses that block and reduce horizontal glare and prevent vision damage. Want something for everyday protection? Winston Bentley’s Chopper are a perfect fit with the protection to boot.

3.Glasses make you look intellectual.

It’s become ever so fashionable to “Look Smart”, geeks and nerds are changing our world everyday with new innovative and intelligent ideas. A good pair of glasses can make anyone look intelligent, sophisticated and very well-polished. You don’t need a double degree to look the part, a pair of Winston Bentley Rhythm, from the Blue Light collection will do the trick.

4.Glasses look stylish.

These days nobody makes fun of people for wearing glasses; sadly, this was not the case many years ago. Glasses today are on trend, cool the perfect accessory for any outfit. Some high-end designer brands stock pairs of glasses in the tens of thousands, with the world’s most expensive pair coming in at $400,000 by Chopard Sunglasses. We are spoilt by choice when it comes to picking a design, there are so many readily available. Technology also now allows you to virtually try them on using a virtual mirror!

5.Glasses add to the excitement.

Yes, that’s right glasses add to the fun, they are sexy and playful to wear and even sexier when you take them off. Many people use them to enhance their vision, look, feel or safety. They sure make each and every day that little more exciting.

Why do you wear glasses?